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I’ve often said that Siaya is a strange place but you don’t believe me. Last Friday I took a Bodaboda ride from Ahindi Gardens to my offices which are situated in the outskirts of the town (a mere 16 kilometres out).

The Bodaboda rider struck me as unusually quiet. He had a red California State University hoodie (my Alma mater) and unlike all other riders in Alego-Usonga he was not ranting about his incoming Member of Parliament, a young man called Kevin Odhiambo Ochieng who has regularly been fuelling Bodaboda motorbikes and is therefore the talk of the town.

Well our business done we parted ways outside my office and I did not think about it until the following day which was a Saturday and I had the misfortune of going to the Siaya Referral Hospital mortuary to see to it that a relative was properly embalmed.

As I walked past the MTC compound someone whistled sharply in a catcall. I often don’t look back at this kind of thing but, well, I did and guess what…!


Next to MTC compound there’s another compound for those members of our society that have mentally tipped over the balance. The person making the sharp catcall was my Bodaboda rider from the previous day and he still wore the red CSU hoodie but was now in ropes and gurgling at the mouth. All along he had been insane (even when he was doing ninety Kilometres per hour) and I did not notice it!

Yesterday morning the shocking news of a tragic accident outside Kisii’s Club Choma Choma was hushed up by fairly everybody on social media. How could it be revealed when the reigning king of Luo Ohangla music Evans Ochieng Owino aka Prince Indah was involved? That, for many would have spoilt the show!

So, the show went on as scheduled and Prince Indah actually appeared on stage with some rumours adding that he even released a new song! I’m yet to call Salim Mireri who drove himself from Kisumu to attend the show at Mwisho Mwisho, and verify this shocking fact.
Sure, I can guarantee you that the song will do very well. But where’s the humanity in this?

Two people associated to the musician died on the spot in the Kisii accident — apparently according to his PR team the deaths of these two was not important to warrant a cancellation of the Mwisho Mwisho concert.

Here is where Indah goes wrong.

First of all, rhapsody is not a musical talent -all men do it in the bathroom when they are in a good mood. Indah is not a talented musician persee but a person who sings along the acoustics. My Ugandan herdsman has similar musical talent if the acoustics are removed. But who am I to judge that?

Second, the Luo music industry is full of intrigue and backstabbing. It was therefore in bad taste for Indah to go ahead with the show. People are already wondering which church he goes to and issues about sacrifices and so on. This is very bad publicity.

Third-a piece of free advice- when your star is rising too fast be careful the kind of company you keep.

Now back to Siaya where you never know what goes until your Bodaboda rider calls you from across the other fence next to MTC.

David Ochieng announced his presidential bid openly at that space outside Co-op Bank facing Ahindi Gardens. MDG Party has the constitutional right to field a candidate in the presidency and when we wrote a piece about that we became an object of ridicule in a certain WhatsApp group. It’s not us who will be vying, it’s Ugenya Member of Parliament David Ochieng and he is dead serious about that. We only report the facts.

If you don’t know how dead serious then ask around, some heavyweight political strategist in Siaya organized the event.

Before I sign off; a word of wisdom to Alego-Usonga MP Samuel Onunga Atandi. Please do something ASAP, nera— this boy is taking the ground, bwana.

Good day.

Editorial Sunday 16 June 2024


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